Mid-latitude Systems

Products for Identifying System Characteristics

Question 1

Which products were particularly useful for identifying the cut-off low and the cold front’s stage of development?

All of the choices are correct.

When trying to determine the stage of development or existence and intensity of a the cold front or COL, all of these channels and products are helpful. The airmass RGB and WV channels can be used day and night to track the movement of the systems and any changes in their structure. The VIS channels and convection RGBs are useful for determining what cloud types are developing and for monitoring changes in the thickness of the clouds.

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Question 2

Which products are most useful for identifying cyclogenesis?

The correct answers are A and C.

When investigating the potential for cyclogenesis, particularly negative vorticity advection (NVA) lows, the airmass RGB and any VIS channels are useful. The airmass RGB gives evidence of the potential for vorticity to occur in the upper levels. Both the airmass RGB and VIS channels show thickening of the cloud in the cold air west of the cold front. By monitoring either product consistently for a few hours, you should be able to detect any cyclogenesis that takes place.

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