Fog and Low Cloud

Impact of the Low Cloud and Fog


Fog and low cloud reduce visibility and can impact aviation, marine, and public-related activities/industries. Which sectors would you expect to be affected by the fog and/or low cloud in each area circled on the image? Note that areas B and C have major airports. (Use the selection box to choose the answer that best completes the statement.)

a) Area A:
b) Area B:
c) Area C:

Since areas B and C have major airports, their aviation sectors would be impacted by the reduced visibilities that result from fog and/or low cloud. Low cloud is hazardous to aviation when it is BKN or OVC and the cloud base is lower than 1000 ft above the ground.

Areas A and B extend to the ocean so their marine sectors would be impacted by fog, which reduces visibility and makes it hard for fishing vessels to navigate. Showery conditions generally result in moderate visibility and are not considered hazardous to the marine sector.

Poor visibility due to fog is hazardous to the public (notably the transport industry and motorists) in all three areas since it reduces horizontal visibility to less than 1 km.